This Week in Music NFTs - May 23
May 24th, 2022

Music NFT summer is here.

Viral moments are being tokenized.

Independent artists are pushing boundaries.

The writing is on the wall - but one question remains.

Does anyone care?

In the wake of a wider market cool off, the general sentiment within the Music NFT community has been a blend of excitement and anxiety.

Sure - music projects are expanding their reach and shooting for the stars. Behind closed doors, every operator is losing sleep wondering - how the hell do we get people to buy Music NFTs?

From this collector’s perspective, the recipe is starting to make sense:

  • Mainstream adoption is a ways away. Focus on word of mouth and the strength of individual relationships.
  • The days of making a million dollars in 24 hours are gone. Price as conservatively as possible and focus on the secondary market.
  • The Music NFT community is a bread of its own. Treat it as such.

The phrase “Music NFT” has never been more top of mind.

Still - that doesn’t mean people take it seriously. Collectors are curious, but they aren’t over the hump.

It’s our job to help change that.

And here’s how.

Featured Drop - Crypto Boy

Salem Ilese is set to debut a viral moment for Music NFTs with the debut of “Crypto Boy” on tomorrow afternoon.

The rising popstar broke into web3 when a TikTok of hers went viral on Crypto Twitter last week.

Since then - the team paired up with Pussy Riot to create the artwork for what is sure to be the sector’s most prolific moment to date.

With a symbolic node to Roe v. Wade, Salem is donating 100% of the proceeds to The Center for Reproductive Rights.

After performing the song live at Veecon this weekend, Salem is set to show the world what the CEOs of being unemployed are collecting in a bear market.

Upcoming Drops

  1. Salem Ilese - Crypto Boy
  2. Kaien Cruz x Somehoodlum - Back in Time
  3. Beauty School Dropout - Assassin
  4. MNDSGN - Cosmowagon
  5. Escape Plan - Jungle
  6. MONDAY! - Koodos

Freshly Minted

  1. RŌHKI - Desperado
  2. The Chainsmokers - So Far So Good
  3. SMLE - Bouquet
  4. Oshi - Black Eyes
  5. Whethan - Midnight
  6. Bloody White - Disgust

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